Global Monitoring Video operated and ran by iLink Professionals, Inc. has also helped start many Video Monitoring Stations across the USA and abroad. 

iLink Professionals Inc. was founded in 1994 as a computer technology IT firm. In the late 1990s, iLink Professionals expanded its offering and started to  manufacture, import and distribute specializing in CCTV products, PC based digital video recorders (DVR), surveillance technologies, point-of-sale (POS) products, solutions and implementation services to our customers. With over decades of experience in IT, we are able to provide hardware that is robust, reliable, expandable and manageable across global corporate networks and an intelligent software at a very affordable price! Our systems have extensive built-in intelligence so that the system works for you and not the other way around.  Due to our highly qualified IT background, we are able to cater to large organizations by providing fault tolerance, redundancy and storage expandability to several terabyte capacity in our DVR systems. To find out more information about iLink Professionals, Inc. please click here.