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Due to high demand and to ensure reliable service to our customers, some dealers may be asked to go on a waiting list until additional resources are available. We are constantly adding more resources to shorten the wait time. Sorry for the in conveniences and we thank you for your patience.

Cloud Off-Site Remote Video Storage (iRVS)

allows you to store real-time video from your surveillance cameras remotely off-site to iLink Professionals' state-of-the-art data center. iRVS provides additional security by storing your surveillance cameras' video out of harms way from theft of your cameras/DVR, vandalism and fire, smoke, water damages.

Our cloud based remote hosted video storage is the #1 solution for off-site video for your business or home CCTV security Digital Video Records (DVR) cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR) cameras, Hybrid Video Recorders (HVR) cameras and IP cameras. This unique, easy to use and affordable service lets you easily view, store and playback live video over the internet from any desktop browsers, from smart mobile phones browsers (example iPhone, Andorid Phones, Windows Phones, etc) and from tablet browsers (ex. iPad, Android tablets and Windows tablets). We also have the best web based custom branded dealers program which allows resellers of security CCTV DVRs/NVRs/HVRs and IP camera products to resell our service with personalize branded easy to use site for their client and with advanced PayPal API configured to easily setup monthly billing.

Web Based Client Control Panel

  • Simple and the easiest web based control panel available in the market to setup your own cameras or let us set it up for you
  • Live View, which allows you to view all your remote recorded video cameras directly from any browser (Ex. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, mobile browsers, PC, laptops and Apple Mac system/laptops)
  • Playback recorded videos from any browser
  • Easily with a single click send yourself an email with a video clip right from the browser
  • Download video clips from the browser
  • Low cost 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days plans available to meet your budget
  • Add, edit or delete cameras anytime
  • Create groups to better organize your live view cameras
  • Add additional users to give access to live view and playback to co-works, friends or family members
  • Connect any CCTV security DVRs, NVRs, HVR and IP cameras with RTSP Support
  • Supports any CCTV security DVRs, NVRs, HVR and IP cameras with the ability to FTP (Coming soon in 2019)
  • Payment history
  • Desktop and responsive Mobile friendly site
  • No setup fee (Introductory offer)
  • No contract
  • Much more…

Web Based Dealer Control Panel

  • Simple and the easiest web based control panel available in the market
  • Easy and self custom branding
    • Upload your logo for your dealer and your client control panel. You and your clients will see that logo on the top when logged into the control panel
    • Automatically link your logo to your own website
    • Input your support information which will be shown to your clients under support information
    • Your company name will show up on the bottom –center next to "All right reserved"
  • Add your own Terms and Conditions which will be shown in your client’s control panel under "Terms & Conditions" link on the bottom​
  • Simple and a completely non-branded login site for you and for your clients to use to login. You can also add an A record or DNS forwarding to use or point your own domain name. 
  • Your own custom self client sign up link listed in the dealer control panel for your organization. That link can be posted on your website to allow your clients to self sign up or share that link on social media to let new clients sign up from any social media platform, which will go under your dealer account
  • Dashboard with a quick count of the total number of your clients and cameras
  • Manually add, edit and delete clients
  • Set temporary notice or alert to any client which will show up on the top in the "Client’s Control Panel" when they login
  • Test and view your client’s camera for troubleshooting purpose
  • Add additional staff members from your organization and give them custom permissions to access different areas of your dealer control panel
  • Set your own prices for each client. For your convenience default prices have been pre-configured
  • Advanced PayPal integration providing you with the ability to automatically receive payment from your clients
  • Overwrite or customize auto email notifications
  • Check payment history
  • Desktop and responsive mobile friendly site
  • No setup fee (Introductory offer)
  • No contract
  • Much more…