With Cloud Off-Site Remote Video Monitoring (iRVM)

NEW: We now offer live business monitoring for C-stores/gas stations, liquor, retail stores, restaurants, etc., during business hours to watch cashiers/staff and customers for safety and theft.

Our agents can identify the potential intrusion live before the alarm goes off and dispatch the authorities before they set off an alarm. What this can potentially mean is that you may not have to replace a broken window, door or even suffer an immense loss of a smash and grab! Our agents are proactive and interactively monitoring with total control. Global Video Monitoring is equipped with state-of-the-art video and two-way audio technology capable of controlling sensors and relays! Video signals are received over the internet, allowing our agents to listen or communicate with individual(s) on your property while monitoring their activities. They have two-way audio and relay control capabilities where our agents can also turn on strobes, sirens, and other intelligent devices, letting the intruder(s) know that they are being watched and must leave the premises. With our sophisticated iAnalysis application in combination with our Central Monitoring Software and reporting application, we can offer complete, comprehensive, and cost-effective monitoring services.

A verified alarm or video verification dispatch is the key to getting a fast response from the authorities or police. With Global Video Monitoring, not only can we provide verified alarm notifications to the authorities, but we can also watch and assist security guards, police officers, etc, on a real-time basis. 

​Remote monitoring can also be a great alternative to guard services. It works more like a virtual guard where it can see your whole property, and you don't have to worry about the cost of employment! There is an 85% reduction in theft, averaging over four arrests per week, less liability, and you don't have to worry about your guards missing a day of work, making your property vulnerable!

Our video monitoring is designed for all types of businesses - auto car dealerships, retail stores, jewelry/diamond stores, childcare/daycare centers, liquor stores, construction sites, and many more!

iLink Professionals, Inc. - Global Video Monitoring can provide the total solution from CCTV Surveillance hardware to implementation and monitoring services. Call our Security experts or fill out the form below for one of our specialists to contact you.